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Confidential & Proprietary | To learn more about how we can work together, visit DESIGNED FOR KEY BENEFITS OFFERS & REWARDS OFF-THE-SHELF SAAS "Out of the Box" deployment using Zafin SaaS. Roadmap features are added continuously Allows for client offer execution with contractual compliance based on relationship depth/breadth, utilization, etc. IMPROVE TIME TO MARKET Rapidly create and administer propositions with user-friendly interface designed specifically for the financial services industry OWNERSHIP BY BUSINESS USER Externalize product and pricing control into a single business application, reducing dependency on IT resources AUDIT & WORKFLOW MONITORING Robust tracking and governance, with changes and approvals by a set of authorized users automatically logged DETAILED PRODUCT FEATURES CREATES AND ADMINISTERS RELATIONSHIP BASED MULTI PRODUCT OFFERS Reinforces depth of bank's value chain to differentiate vs. monoline competition, e.g. FinTechs, neo banks, etc. WIDE RANGE OF ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA AND REWARDS FOR MULTI PRODUCT OFFERS Incentivizes targeted client behavior to drive new to bank growth and cross selling efforts ROBUST TRACKING AND CONTROL OF PACKAGES AND OFFERS System of record for computation of client benefits delivers timely substantiation for both regulators and clients, while controls enforce compliance with terms and timebound offers • Design one-time or recurring rewards based on bonus interest, tiered reward, cash back, etc. • Increase transparency and automate governance and fulfillment of rewards vs. defined conditions • Monitor and manage exceptions based on bank-provided exceptions list • Define reward parameters in defined periods REWARDS Responding to monoline competitors and neo banks requires an agile model that connects customer lifetime value. Multi Product packages tied to client incentives are an innovative way to drive new client acquisition and product penetration and utilization with existing relationships. This solution provides maximum flexibility in constructing the offers while systemic controls determine eligibility and assure contractual compliance. • Design unique cross-product packages/offers for segments • Configure eligibility rules, conditions, limitations, and benefits for each offer • Create a configurable governance framework to track benefits against required conditions • Assign the applicable benefit automatically OFFERS Retail & SME Banking Deposit Products Lending Products Payments Maintenance & Service Fees • • • • Able to target customers based on:

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