Zafin wants to build a better world to bank in. Here's what you need to know.

  • About Zafin

    About Zafin

    Our enterprise software platform enables financial institutions to overcome core system limitations and build deeper, more personalized, and more valuable client relationships.

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  • Zafin Cloud

    Zafin Cloud

    Incentivize the right client behaviour with greater control over three levers of client value: fees, rates, and offers

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  • Enterprise Product Hub

    Enterprise Product Hub

    As a flexible Product Manager toolkit, Enterprise Product Hub is a single source of product information across product silos and lines of business.

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  • Client Offer Management

    Client Offer Management

    Our simple, easy-to-use technology platform for pricing and deal governance enables corporate banks to rapidly deploy and govern personalized, profitable client proposals

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  • Rate Management for Retail Deposits

    Rate Management for Retail Deposits

    Having the ability to tailor deposit rates based on a client’s needs and profile, along with the bank’s strategy, will result in happier clients and improved loyalty.

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  • Relationship Pricing and Fee Transparency

    Relationship Pricing and Fee Transparency

    With the right system, banks can remain transparent, enable customer self-service, improving efficiency and helping to reduce costs.

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  • Conduct Risk

    Conduct Risk

    With the right system, banks can easily maintain records of product and pricing changes, promotions offered, and explanations behind why customers are charged certain fees.

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  • Relationship Analytics

    Relationship Analytics

    In order to elevate customer interactions from transactional to profitable, banks need to be able to do more with what they have.

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